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Silent Pact

Physical Theatre, Musik & Sounddesign




The show is based on a true story of two twin sisters extremely dependent on each other June and Jennifer Gibbons, who made a pact to keep themselves separate from the rest of the world, creating a secret language and mirroring each other's movements. The twin sisters had lived like this for 29 years. They realized they were trapped, unable to 'break out’. They said:„ We tried to get back to the outside world but it was too late.”

This tragic and inspiring story became for the creators ( Olga Domanska and Donia Sbika ), a foundation for research on human relationships. The two performers don’t speak even a word during the show, but the eloquence of the situations, images and choreography are moving and invite the spectator to reflect.

The show owes its final shape and originality to five different European Artistic Residences: Kaiopoli (Switzerland), Centro Jobel (Italy), Theaterhaus Mitte (Germany), Area18 (Switzerland), Warsaw Mime Center (Poland), where the two artists could dedicate themselves to explore chosen topics, to research and experiment.
Thanks to the cooperation with Lionel Menard, a French director experienced in physical and visual theater, the show Silent Pact was completed and had its premiere in October 2016 in Switzerland..

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